“Field of Schemes” (Torison fields)


Torison fields are something Einstein discovered and about which I can tell my readers precisely nothing. But I can relate how a handful of fraudsters have coopted and mangled this idea. In these cases, torison fields are alleged to be bundles of energy through which neutrinos shoot through vacuums at speeds well beyond warp. This is one of the least known pseudoscience topics and I could only identify about half a dozen persons who subscribe to the idea. These include the Russian duo Atatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov, who were funded by their government before being exposed and hightailing it to Thailand, where they sell ersatz medical products purporting to access these fields.

The nonchalant nature of claiming beyond warp speed is an obvious pseudoscience giveaway. In 2011, CERN physicists reported seeming to have observed neutrinos traveling two-billionths of a second beyond light speed. This was met with extreme suspicion in the quantum mechanics community, even among those who had done the research and who announced the findings. These scientists made it clear this finding needed to be rechecked, and that this was less to seek confirmation than to find out where the error lay. It turned out it was due to flaws in equipment setup.

By contrast, torsion field proponents claim speeds over 100 times beyond warp. With about the same velocity, they whip through the pseudoscience landscape and credit torsion fields with being responsible for ESP, levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, miracle cures, perpetual motion machines, and alien spacecraft propulsion.

They also claim that neutrinos, which have almost no mass, can easily be detected by a homemade device sitting on their desk. Genuine neutrino detectors are massive, built underground to avoid background radiation, and have an infinitesimal winning percentage.

In the universe Atatoly and Shipova have created,  when massive objects rotate at high speed, they create torsion fields that move through space and interact with any matter they pass through and change the matter’s inertia. Massive objects, of course, would include planets and stars, but in this case, they also include pyramids, because one might as well add the ancient Egyptian angle to your cart while shopping at the alternative science store.

The only other active torsion field proponent I am aware of is Richard Hoagland. His signature item is a Bulova wristwatch hooked up to a precision frequency sensor, which is connected to a laptop and displays the watch’s frequency. Hoagland describes this as a tuning fork that can detect and measure torsion fields. He usually conducts experiments near large stone objects during an eclipse, presumably to add an element of mystery, although how anyone could buy off on this seems perplexing enough. This is self-tested, self-reviewed, self-validated, and self-congratulatory. He describes his results as “stunning,” “astonishingly confirmatory,” and “a technology that can save the planet.”

Yet he has never published data showing that he established a baseline for measurement or how he arrived at it. Further, in the only video showing Hoagland with his gizmo, he is failing to control its orientation. This would be like claiming a new comet sighting without looking into a telescope. Also, he has never explained how his apparatus would receive this information, nor attempted to falsify his hypothesis.

The only other guy I could find out in torison field was Buryl Payne, who claimed that these fields emanate from living organisms, be they humans, crickets, protozoa, or bananas. These fields can be detected by a Biofield Meter, which Payne constructed from household items. I was looking forward to building one and conducting my own experiments, but Payne’s link, like the torsion field crowd, is broken. That’s OK, if I want to read science fiction, I’ll grab some Asimov.

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