This page exists to promote critical thinking skills and the Scientific Method, and to examine claims of the supernatural, paranormal, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theories.

I previously believed in ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, Nostradamus prophecies, and a shooter in the grassy knoll. I now reject those ideas, for reasons that will be addressed on this page. But while I have another viewpoint now, I will never belittle anyone who thinks differently. A personal attack is going to be irrelevant to making the point, besides being lower on the logical argument totem pole than an ad hominem. It is unbecoming of someone hosting a blog dedicated in part to critical thinking. Also, it would drive away potential converts.

As a craft beer proponent, I may take an occasional jab at Budweiser, but never at anyone for drinking it. Eventually, I may end up having a Three Floyds with that Budweiser drinker. Similarly, I hope to use this page to welcome new skeptics to the fold.

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