“We come in fleece” (Aliens from Taurus)

ALIENMESSAGEAliens usually fall into two categories: The probing, kidnapping, reptilian overlords, and their much kinder cosmic cousins who bestow a message of hope and promises of eternal bliss. The aliens are not precisely the ones delivering these messages. These benevolent types merely came up with the missives, it is humans that came up with the idea of packaging and marketing them.

One set of messages come from the Pleiadians, who come hail from Taurus, a star cluster about 450 light years from Earth. Like Allah (who needed Muhammad), these beings have completely mastered every advanced skill except mass communication. The Pleiadians selected Barbara Marciniak to spread their celestial good tidings. Later, Lia Shapiro claimed she was the true Pleiadian messenger, as unoriginal an epiphany as has ever been received.

Proponents claim the Pleiadians are a super-evolved species. Indeed, their home star system is only about 100 million years old. By contrast, Earthlings were billions of years away from being bacteria at that age. Pleiadians use their accelerated status to travel hundreds of light years and enlighten us on how we can attain their level. That much is reasonably consistent, though their human messengers offer differing tales about their origins, descendants, and which dimension they favor for traveling to and from Earth.

They are described as tall, slender, athletic, and altruistic. In other words, they are an idealized version of humanity. Just to be safe, they are even light-skinned and also go by the name Nordic Aliens. Various proponents have tried to tie them to Atlantis, Lemuria, the ancient Greeks, the Cherokee, and all manner of New Age healing. Others credit them with bringing dolphins from Taurus. Marcinak has argued that humans and Pleiadians have a common ancestor in another universe. While these ideas are distinctive from each other, they have the common thread of the person’s word being the only evidence.

So we are stuck in an evolutionary rut and the Pleiadians are here to give us a biological boost. Yet you are I are at the same evolutionary stage as was George Washington and William Shakespeare, so why are they Pleiadians just now showing up? Because the idea of alien messengers and their human helpers would have been so absurd in colonial America and Elizabethan England that no one could have come up with it, much less been made en masse to believe it. Therefore, demons, witches, leprechauns, and fairies were the prominent fictional characters of those times, and aliens are their modern-day equivalent. The idea is still absurd, but is more palatable to a person familiar with The Day the Earth Stood Still, E.T., and Aliens.

Shapiro runs the website Pleiadians.net, which makes the following claims (followed by my commentary):

“There are those that want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny.” (If it’s destiny, it will happen no matter who tries to help or hinder it.)

“These Special Pleiadian Forces reside at a very high frequency that is lighter than what we know.” (So then how do you know it is there?)

“Eventually, all will become Pure Light at the center of creation.” (Given this inevitability, it remains unclear why we need to buy or do anything to prompt it).

The website says the aliens sometime come in physical form, but most often arrive through human consciousness. Either way, it’s faster than the speed of light, right? Oh no, for they have managed time travel, so beyond-warp speed is not required. But with that being the case, why don’t they just zip us ahead billions of years to our fabulous future?

Besides spaceships and telepathic communication, the creatures can also use dreams or memories. This means that ANYTHING that’s ever been in your conscious or subconscious mind could be a message from them. As to what they are telling us, “The Pleiadians transmitted seven messages for Earth’s inhabitants that convey a grand and glorious hope about the future.” There is one exception to this message of eternal peace and bliss, however, for a sense of urgency exists. You must act NOW to make these purchases, lest your chance for everlasting paradise be whisked away forever!

The final assurance from the Pleiadians is that we will eventually turn into them. Yes, your destiny is to deliver a message of eternal happiness from a super-evolved alien race that conduits will then sell in book form.

2 thoughts on ““We come in fleece” (Aliens from Taurus)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Wayne. I must confess to believing aliens exist. Whether their path and ours will ever cross in a truly meaningful fashion, however, remains anyones guess. I have no evidence to support this, only a conviction that in a universe as vast as ours I find it nearly impossible to believe that we are it for all eternity. From a religious point of view, if God can create once he can do it multiple times. Even if you are correct and God doesnt exist if nature can have one happy accident it can have another. And another. When you strain out the hucksters, the gullable, and the mentally ill, you’re left with a few mysteries still-just enough for entertaining speculation and debate that will carry on for a long time to come, I think.

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